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March 16, 2013
New music video! By "new" I mean: it's been out for a month, but when have I been on top of the news? Anyway, the song is called "Trzy sny o tym samym". Check it out!

Has everyone recovered from last summer's news yet? The rest of the band has, and, although I'm rubbish at updating this page in a timely manner, most dedicated fans already know that Myslovitz has carried on touring with their new vocalist, Michal. The much-more-dedicated Paulo Pedrosa of Myslovitz Brasil has been keeping up with the times, and he has plenty of pictures and links to recent Myslovitz shows on Myslovitz Brasil Facebook page.

Additionally, Paulo has started up his Myslofans project once again. If you are a fan anywhere in the world and wish to upload a photo and a brief message, it will appear on the page. The goal is to create a giant poster which will be given to the band some time in the future. Every week, Paulo selects a Myslofan to highlight on the aforementioned Facebook page, which is a lot of fun! Ah, the taste of fame.

03 May 2012
Sorry, folks; I've been quite busy lately. A lot of stuff came up unexpectedly, and... well, you know how it is. In any case, I'm going to just lay this out there:

Artur Rojek has left Myslovitz.

At this time, I don't know the circumstances surrounding his departure, but, last month, the band released an official statement saying that Wojtek Powaga, Przemo Myszor, and the Kuderski brothers would continue performing as "Myslovitz" with a new vocalist, while Artur Rojek pursued a solo career. Today, footage of Myslovitz with new singer Michal Kowalonek was released.

12 December 2011
Apparently, there was a report that Artur Rojek has died, but never fear -- it isn't true. Mister Rojek released a statement on Myslovitz' official page refuting the claim that he had been killed in an accident. The false article has since been removed.

In other news: Myslovitz did not win Best Polish Act at the 2011 MTV EMAs; instead, the award went to Ewa Farna. And Lenny Valentino has come out of hibernation to perform five shows for the 10 year anniversary (what?! Ten years already?) of the release of Uwaga! Jedzie Tramwaj!

  • 01 December, Warsaw at Palladium
  • 04 December, Gdansk - Parlament
  • 15 December, Poznan - Eskulap
  • 16 December, Krakow - Studio
  • 17 December, Wroclaw - Impart

21 September 2011
Myslovitz is being nominated for "Best Polish Act" at the European Music Awards this year! Make sure to vote for Myslovitz! Scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says "glosowanie" to cast your vote.

21 July 2011
I'm a little late to the party, but Myslovitz now has an official YouTube page!

04 July 2011
Well, look what the cat dragged in! I'm finally making some much-needed updates to my website. As a result, you may encounter some broken links until I'm able to get everything reestablished. Thanks in advance for your patience!

31 May 2011
Myslovitz released their latest album, entitled Nieważne jak wysoko jesteśmy... ("No matter how high we are..." -- thanks Ewelina!) at the end of May. It is their first studio release since Happiness is Easy in 2006.

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