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Unbeknownst to me at the time, the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza printed an article about Myslovitz fans outside of Poland, and there was a little blurb about me! I can't believe I started this site when I was 21. I'm nearly 30 now! Thanks to Rafal for translating.

Uczą się polskiego!

  • Event: "Recently Gazeta Wyborcza posted an article about the increased attention Myslovitz is receiving abroad." - Klaus
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  • Translation: by Rafal Zatorski
'Learning Polish'

Myslovitz's international career is getting bigger.You can experience it also over the Internet: fans from different countries are making websites about them.

On the band's official website ( you can find links not only to foreign reviews of European concerts and English version of their album, but also to the websites by fans from Poland, Brasil, Denmark and United States. The most exotic are of course foreign ones. page is in Danish. You can find here presentation of every band's member, band biography, discography, news and current concerts dates. There is a photo gallery, mp3 files to download (e.g. archival songs from the time when the band was called The Freshmen) exists in the United States. It includes every element, which has to be on a good website. Except those from Danish page you can find here interviews with the band (with an explanation: "Myslovitz often gives interviews, but only few are in English"). That's why you can read here interviews known from Polish magazines (e.g Proust's questionnaire in "Gazeta Wyborcza"), translated into English. An authoress of the page is 21 years old Cristina from Miami, who just wants to start learning Polish, but she already knows that her favourite Myslovitz's songs are: "Bunt szesnastolatki" and "Sprzedawcy marzen". Who would've thought that people from such far countries are going to learn Polish to understand songs' lyrics and the band because of wishing for foreign success is translating lyrics into English by itself.

Myslovitz also has a website made by Brasilian fan ( but the page is unavailable for couple of months, and the webmaster doesn't respond to e-mails.
Unfortunately for Paulo, Myslovitz Brasil was experiencing server troubles at the time this article was published. Ironically, he has been the busiest and most dedicated out of the entire group, going so far as to plan a trip around the world to meet Myslovitz fans!

Thanks to Gazeta Wyborcza for writing it, Klaus for telling me about it, and Rafal for translating it!



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