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In 2003, I learned that Przemo and Wojtek were going to take part in an hour-long video chat wtih fans. Being in a completely different time zone meant that I would be at work at the time, so I had to be discreet about viewing the chat (and therefore missed a significant portion of it). My friend Iwona was good enough to translate the entire thing for me. [original transcript] I wished the moderators had put more (and better) questions through to them, though, because in an hour's time not much was really answered.

Iwona's notes will be in brackets [] and mine in braces {}.

Myslovitz: Welcome...
beti_beata_: What's the name of your newest record? Because in our town there are no record shops and if there are, they're very late.

Myslovitz: Korova Milky bar, that's our last record...9th December an English version of the CD will be released... It's gonna be a bit re-mixed and it'll include a bit changed material from the Polish version.
krzybednarForPyk: Is it known when the album "Skalary, mieczyki i neonki" will be released? [skalary, mieczyki & neonki are all names of small and popular aquarium fish]

Myslovitz: We intend to release it in the middle of the year. The date, as we hope, is rather set.
gadam_z_każdą_!!: Why do you play such sad music?

CREMAN19: You're trying to break through to the European market, how is it going?

Myslovitz: We're trying, we're still trying. We're not Robbie Williams and we're going to do it in a more independent way, with concerts, not with heavy promotion.
melody22: And what about concerts in PL? You're neglecting the Polish, faithful fans!

Myslovitz: We're not neglecting Polish fans. Whenever it's possible, whenever there's a need, when we have some dates, we play in the country. Instead of sitting at home, we're going to the west. Polish dates don't suffer anything from it. We've done it a couple of dozen times... Poland is our mother market and we won't change that. We invite you all to the concerts in Jan-Feb.
rozpieprzona: What do you think about not letting underaged people to concerts (for example in Stodola)? and why aren't you doing concerts for underaged people, like Kult for example?

Myslovitz: Good question. We've never thought about this, but seems that we're gonna have to do something about that.
ZŁOTY__MEDAL: How many of you is there?

Myslovitz: Now there's two. We've kicked the others out of the band.
Valentino17: Is there going to be another record after "Skalary"?

of course, we hope that not just one. {"We hope that there won't be just one"}
ally87: Do you consider the MTV award, which you've received for the second time, as something prestigious? What do you think about earlier Polish musicians that've received it?

Myslovitz: it seems like this can be one of the most important awards for us, because it opens our window to the West. Actually, we don't know why nobody else before us decided to use that chance.
seexy_dkg: You old żulu. [slang word describing a kind of street man, a bit dangerous, a bit alcoholic, a bit poor... dunno the English equivalent] {I don't know, either. I would probably use the word "bum", the American definition, not the English one. "You old bum!"}

Myslovitz: You talking to me?
Dj_laska2: I'm from Mysłowice, too. Don't you think that after getting famous you've forgotten about your home town, where you rarely give any concerts lately?

Myslovitz: Fame doesn't get to our memory. We play in Mysłowice as often as we can. It's not easy to organize a big, open, all-available concert for the city. This year we didn't succeed.
to_wcale_nie_ja_: You think that many people would come to your concerts abroad?

Myslovitz: We hope, that more and more.
Tajfunik: Wojtek's already worked with Kasia Stankiewicz, what are you preparing for your fans, Przemek?

Myslovitz: I already tried something... Now we're preparing a record with friends from town, the band Delons, and later we'll see.
Kolumbbb: Hey there, how's the mood?

As you see in the picture, very well.
Rybcia28: How about concerts in Australia? Is there any chance for that?

In January we play in Australia. {*AHEM* No USA?}
AindaForumPyk: We love Wojtek

I love you all as well...
szukamWIERNEJ-: You sing in Polish as well as in English, have you been thinking about recording songs in German?

Not in German, no...
szukamWIERNEJ-: Are you going to surprise your fans in any way any time soon?

We hope, that "Skalary"'s going to surprise you...
AANNKKAA..: Why isn't Artur with you??

He just got kicked out of the band.
!!!Street_Spirit: What's it like to play for the public in Europe? On all the concerts, where I've seen you in Poland, you've been received in an unbelievable way. Is it much harder to play for example for a public in London, that hears you for the first time? {I liked this question.}

Myslovitz: It's the same to play in Europe as in Poland. When we were starting our adventure with music, when we played supports, when we didn't mean anything.... very refreshing feeling.
havran: Is your next record something like Korova (advanced, rich in sound) or rather something more "thoughtful" (simple but more expressive)?

Something in between.
rozpieprzona: What do you think about stopping Woodstock? they're taking away the best Polish festival from us!

First time we've heard the news.... but we don't believe Owsiak will give up. it's not his style.
radiobear17: Aren't you interested in some solo projects?

Everybody actually is planning some... We want a million for Artur's head. If you want him to sing again, get the money.
aqmla: A question to Arturek: What's your doggie's name, huh?

Behemot. {Korova says that the dog's name is really "Bianka".}
78mike: How can we get songs to the movie "My" [Us], that aren't on the records?

The cd's called The Best Of. All songs, that were released in movies but not on cds can be found there as bonuses.
jankowalski: Don't you think that technically you're poor? There aren't any solos and so on that would bring [us] to [our] knees.

Myslovitz: Actually we can't really play. We confess to it openly. The worst are Przemek, Jaca, Lala, Rojas, and I'm the best.
Kliptik: Why have you decided for a "The best of" album now [so soon]? Is it related only to the fact of breaking free from Sony Music?

Myslovitz: Award of the day! Bingo.
pinka_otwock: I don't want to point this out, but I have to! I don't want to complain, but it's true! you promised us a club road at the beginning of December and what? NOTHING! {She actually said "Gucio" in reply.} [Gucio is a name, it's the standard answer to "co?" when you don't have an answer and are annoyed with the question.] You have a road, but in the West.

Myslovitz: It's gonna be in January.
Dominika_ze_: Are you going to release other CDs?
Myslovitz: This is our last battle.
kosiara84: When are you going to play in Ustrzyki?
Myslovitz: Once I've been in Ustrzyki with a tent.
Opentana_: A few places I've read, that you visit music shops in the countries, where you play... where, in your opinion, are they in the best condition?

Myslovitz: Best second hand record shops are in London and New York.
annyowek: Is the career in the west the most important thing for you, do you want to succeed by all means?

Myslovitz: The fans in PL are the most important for us.
BlaCk**: I can see, that only meaningless questions get through to the guys from Myslovitz.. because this isn't a moral discussion? And how does the moderator know, if they wouldn't prefer to talk about that? Is it written in the rules of moderated chat, that only meaningless questions can be answered?

Myslovitz: Please, we want only moral questions, as we feel, that it's getting immoral...
NataliaForumPyk: Have you seen Travis on the EMA? how do you like such political manifests onstage?

Political manifests are OK. Everybody can say what they think, when they have an occasion. Though we haven't really noticed this particular one.
mbal: Why can't I buy your new CD in Lyon? Doesn't the promotion of the new CD cover France?

Myslovitz: The CD was released in France two weeks ago. It should be reachable in some way, maybe it's worth asking, or you can order it in a shop.
>>Badylek_16<<: Why are you such downs? ["daun" is a popular offensive name since some series with a kid with the Down syndrome, can't remember the name] {Some old series? I remember "Life Goes On" had someone with Downs.}

Myslovitz: It's the polluted air in Śląsk that does this to us.
_b: When is there going to be a concert DVD? Are there any plans?

We're having our abroad concerts documented, we hope we'll get it released in the future. {I'm hoping "abroad" means "in the USA, too, and we're going to come play a concert there very soon."}
Moderator: last questions.

radiobear17: Did you release a b-sides CD?

Myslovitz: All b-sides are on our last record under the mistaken name "The Best Of...". The name is stupid, but Sony forced it.
mała_pierdołka: I'm sorry, but in my opinion you sing off key [she might actually just mean "badly", not necessarily off key. And she's made a spelling mistake, wrote "wałszujecie", should be "fałszujecie"], but then again I like your lyrics a lot. It's all I wanted to say.

Myslovitz: We sing off key [they also write it with a "w", probably making fun of her :P], cause something's gotten to our ears. Thank you, sorry for the pictures and we invite you to our official website...

I don't know why the guys apologized for the pictures; I thought they were pretty entertaining! I was a little disappointed with some of the questions that were chosen; I thought some of them were a little hostile, though maybe I misinterpreted them. Thanks to Iwona for her hard work!


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