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This was translated by Iza, but robol contributed an alternate version of this interview here. [source] Iza's comments are in brackets [].

Wykonawca: Jacek Kuderski - Myslovitz (gitara basowa)

Krzysztof Kowalewicz: How is playing with your brother Wojtek in the same group?
Jacek Kuderski: It’s cool because we make up the rhythm section. Thanks to our [ummm I think this has something to do with blood or genes or something or heritage] we have a lot of similarities. We catch the same climate/stuff quickly. We don’t have to practice too much, we understand each other without even speaking.

Why are you a bassist?
Because from what my parents told me, that was what pulled me towards music. I remember, when I was riding in the train with my grandma I would sing and get a candy for that.

What about bass?
Actually I never wanted to play it. I always preferred normal guitar. I taught myself to play on it in the backyard. We met with the boys on a bench. One of my friends knew how to play guitar. He showed me a couple of chords and that’s how it started. When I joined Myslovitz it turned out that, they already have guitarists. That’s why I switched to bass.

How did you get into this group?
Still before Myslovitz we played in a [dom kultura means culture house, it’s just like this place in every Polish town where you can hang out or whatever and bands can have shows there, sometimes they have internet cafes] culture house with a different group, one that had no future. We were just playing for the sake of playing. That’s where Artur (Rojek – vocalist) noticed us. He looked how we looked and played.

How do you rank your playing ability?
In the middle.

Do you and your brother ever form an alliance against the rest of the group?
No. There was never such a situation and neither of us definitely wouldn’t want that. In the beginning of our group we were very strict about punctuality of coming to rehearsals, so that we could practice regularly. We were very rigorous. We even made you pay money if you didn’t show up or came late. I feel that we did a lot organization-wise as brothers in the start of our group.

What is the vocalist and leader Artur Rojek like?
Above all he is a very good vocalist. He’s a man who would do well in life, no matter what he chose to do. Aside from this he is a really cool guy, a very intelligent person.

Your brother is the only one in the group who uses the pseudonym “Lala.” The rest of the band doesn’t have any nicknames, or have they just not been revealed yet?
"Lala" was given to him a really long time ago. It’s short for “Laluni.” My brother used to look just like a girl, he had curly hair. They called me "Jaca," and we call Artur "Rojas." We call Przemek “Przemo.”

What do you think when you listen to your newest album, "Miłość w czasach popkultury"?
I feel that every lyric fits me and relate to a situation that happened in my life. I can relate to all the lyrics.

You are one of the three members of the great who are responsible for writing the music. What ideas on the new album are yours?
I did the beginning of the song "Długość dźwięku samotności", "Dla ciebie", "Peggy Sue nie wyszła za mąż" and "Gdzieś".

What do you occupy yourself with when you’re not thinking about your band?
I clean my apartment or I fix the car. I have an old Volkswagen Golf and I always have to fix something in it. I keep on thinking more whether it’s worth it to keep it. I don’t have any hobbies besides playing. That bothers me a bit. Sometimes I have more free time and I don’t know what to do with it. Most of the time I just go to bars and I see some people I know while drinking beer.

With which musicians do you spend the most time with?
Generally we don’t see each other often. Each of us has his own life. If we manage to arrange it, I get together the most with my brother and Artur, because they’re the only band members that drink beer.

Can you imagine life without Myslovitz?
In the present, no. It’s all I have.

Remember to also check out this version of the interview! Thanks to Iza and robol for their contributions!


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