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Justyna was good enough to translate this for me on 27 August 2003. It's a short questionnaire about Artur Rojek. A copy of the original article appears here: [source]

Taken from: „Gazeta Wyborcza” (08.07.2000) 
Proust Questionnaire: Artur Rojek

  • My most marked characteristic: stubbornness.
  • The quality I most like in a man: honesty, genuineness.
  • The quality I most like in a woman: honesty, genuineness.
  • The thing I value most in my friends: positive energy.
  • My principle defect: impatience.
  • My favorite occupation: running, watching films.
  • I have an obsessive fear of: lack of tolerance.
  • The greatest depth of misery: loss of dear ones.
  • Whom (or what) would I be, if I were not who I am: while at primary school I wanted to be an underwater archaeologist.
  • On what occasions do I lie: when I don’t want to hurt someone (occasionally, when someone is really getting on my nerves).
  • Words (phrases) which I use too often: “you know”, “on whole”, “fine”.
  • Favorite heroes of fiction: antiheroes.
  • Favorite heroes in real life: members of Myslovitz.
  • The thing I dislike more than anything else: jealousy, stupidity and laziness.
  • The natural gift that I would most like to possess: peace of mind
  • How would I like to die: consciously and not too soon.
  • Current state of mind: order and chaos alternately.
  • Faults I feel most indulgent to: accidental.
  • Motto: I’m heading towards happiness.


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