Myslovitz USA

These are some highlights from a June 2002 web chat with Myslovitz, thanks very much to korova! She said she would translate the interesting questions, and I think that she chose some very good ones. [source] Clarifying comments will appear in brackets [].

Moderator: Hello here Myslovitz, welcome everybody. Give us questions. Lots of questions.

booth#: Will the Korova Milky Bar, that you will open, be a milk [candy] bar (net of guitar milk bars -that nice-looking)?!

Cocoa bars. It will be a cafe, where you can buy coffee with hot applecakes and cold ice-creams.

Kreska#: Are some of you looking for a girl? I have lonely colleague.

Jacek is looking for a girl. Lala is also seeking a girl... for Jacek.

xara#: How did you meet?

That was love at first sight. On the Marcel Gang’s concert. It was autumn, the rain was falling, it smelled of Saska Kępa, we had one umbrella...

Kulio#: Where do you live now? All the time in Mysłowice?

Yes, in Mysłowice

sluggard: What was wrong with the name The Freshmen? Why you change it for Myslovitz?

It was associated with Mentos publicity - The Freshmaker

MMADZIAA#: To Lala- That cat in the book [the KMB booklet] is yours?

Yes, it's mine – Natasza. She often expels me from bed when I get home late.

jarudzielec#: Do you like straweberrys?

Yes, but how.

Peggy_Brown#: Who rules in the group?

Jaca. And only him. Sometimes Lala, but only for short time, because Jaca rules at once.

heykey#: Did one of you fall in love that wrote the sad lyrics?

Jacek fell in love in his neighbour.

delfi#: What is name that sweet child in book to last CD [again, KMB's booklet]?


I’m sorry!!! Jacek.

uvb: Why in your group isn’t a woman? Discrimination? ;-)

Artur: When I turn to the left side, I’m a woman.

yuua#: Do Mr. Rojek know that he is very handsome?
megi_kasik#: Artur, why you seldom open your eyes at concerts? They are so beautiful. :))))))

Artur: No, please....
[The moderator noted that Artur was blushing afterwards.]

magdi#: What kind of women does Artur like?

Tall blonde with a large bust. Foot size: 46

¦pi±cakrólewna#: Artur, that tram from childhood on the Lenny Valentino CD, what was its number?

14, it was by Katowice to Mysłowice

sluggard: Do you ruin the hotel room any time?

We usually ruin rooms. In Berlin, Jacek annihilated the television set. He plucked it from the wall. And Lala bit the bed mattress.

Butchy_19#: How you call a kind of music do you play?

Silesian Guitar Power Pop.

karolinka_myslofanka#: From whom do you take example?

Lala from the Pope, Jaca stands hard on earth. Rojas from that swimmer Weissmueller. Wojtek from Przemek and Przemek from Wojtek.

wild_animal#: Are Peggy Brown and Peggy Sue two others persons? And are they real?

They were Lala’s girls from '61.

KID_a#: Do you like real silesia’s hand of pork?

Jacek was rang, that don’t often mention about him. But he tell us to draft he like it.

spaceboy#: Artur, do you want play in musical like Bjork played in Lars Von Trier film “Dancer in the dark”?

Artur will sing in opera, Spaceboy. I will play alien role.

Wersja2.0#: To Rojek- Did your first girlfriend look like M. Monroe?

It was Marylin Monroe.

ssylvia1#: For whom is song „Dla Ciebie”?

For Wojtek

dudzia#: Do you like Britney Spears?

She appeals to Jacek.

Kaku#: Does fans throw sometimes underwear on stage?

At one time flew a bra or knickers (it was white) and hung on the microphone

kuki#: Have you got any grave fall?

Wojtek was got over the stage in Kraków

pidzama#: My girlfriend live in student’s hostel, and in her room there are Artur photos everywhere. Do you think that she is crazy?

She hasn’t got taste. At all.

plug_in_baby#: How many CD’s does Mr. Rojek have? What CD’s he hold?

Rojas only counts money.

Second CD of Mysłowice Mine Orchestra.

magdi#: Does the girl in black coat really exist?

Wojtek: That is my daisy

Olgitka_sexy#: Do you like cats? I want to salute you from mine.

Lala likes cats, he has Natasza. Przemek's cat outurns Maks (dog). Wojtek is afraid of dogs. Artur is afraid of horses. Jacek stands hard on earth.

agnieszka#: What do you think people love best about you?

Wojtek Powaga


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