Myslovitz USA

Myslovitz are often in the press, but there are so few interviews in English. Fortunately, kindness is not as scarce, which is why we have this list of translated Myslovitz interviews. Big love to the contributors!

  • Myslovitz – The Sound of Solitude : Get ready for hugs…
    An article written in English about "Sound of Solitude" off Myslovitz' English release of Korova Milky Bar.
    Thanks to Krys for the link.

  • An interview about Jokes
    Description: The boys share their favorite jokes.
    Originally by Andrzej Podluka, in 1998.
    Translation by Lukas.
  • Proust Questionnaire
    Description: Artur Rojek fills out a short survey about himself.
    Originally printed in the "Gazeta Wyborcza" in July 2000.
    Translation by Justyna.
  • "Go" Magazine Interview
    Description: Monika Brzywczy asks Wojtek, Przemek, and Artur a few questions about travels, life, being a musician, and swimming.
    Translation by Justyna.
  • A jak Ameryka
    Description: One of Artur Rojek's articles in "XL". It describes a trip to the United States.
    Translation by Justyna.
  • Jacek Kuderski
    Description: An interview with the one and only Jacek Kuderski.
    Dated 30 Jan 2000.
    Translation by Iza. Click here for an alternate translation by Robol.
  • 2002 Chat Highlights
    Description: Select questions from a Myslovitz web chat from 14 June 2002.
    Translated by korova.
  • 2003 Myslovitz Chat
    Description: Translated transcript of a Myslovitz web chat from 20 November 2003.
    Translated by Iwona.
  • Ucza sie polskiego/They're learning Polish
    Description: A newspaper article about foreign Myslovitz fan sites.
    This was translated by Rafal Zatorski and originally written by Marcin Babko in the Gazeta Wyborcza.
If you would like to translate an article/interview or stumbled upon something in English about the band, send me an email, and I will put up a link!

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