The Iris Sleeps Under the Snow

Album: first released by Myslovitz in the "Acidland" and "The Length of Solitude Sound" EPs in 2002, along with some early English tracks that were later refined and released in Korova Milky Bar - English/International.
Album: The Best Of...
Year: 2003
Music by: Maciej Cieslak
Lyrics by: Maciej Cieslak
Originally by Scianka, on the album Dni wiatru [ 2001 ]

She is lost in her eye
In the pupil she falls
To a tunnel
Deep into her woods
Secret and serpent-like
Walks under the moons
Under the bones
The Iris sleeps under the snow

She waits for a bus
And snowflakes fall on her coat
Alone as her thoughts
They waltz with her nose
And here comes the bus
And they're gone

She waits for a plane
She wears high-heeled jets
To scratch the sky
But lipstick tattoos
Don't hurt much enough
To kill all those guys
And break down this night
Though somewhere inside
It's salty and wild
Endless and green

Only your bus doesn't stop here
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