Big Buddy Heater Review

Mr. Heater” Big Buddy” propane radiant heater is a mobile”clean” burning alternative to chilly spaces.

It is not ideal and it is somewhat frightening to use, however it will output a fantastic quantity of heat.

The heating output is roughly equivalent to this Dynaglo kerosene tower heater, maintained 23,000 BTU.

Nevertheless, the Big Buddy has no odor and no smoke and there is something to be said for glowing warmth.

The Big Buddy heater black Friday is even more mobile than an electrical or kerosene heater.

Just like with any heater, you need to be very, very cautious and follow the directions and warnings into the correspondence.

But used properly, the Big Buddy heater is a rewarding addition to prolong the upkeep and farkling season.

Plus in addition, it matches the webBikeWorld”Dual Use” bonus class, since you are going to have some warmth once the electricity goes out or to get your ice fishing shanty and longer.


Assessing a propane heater might appear pretty much from the standard for a webBikeWorld inspection, but we have already been using the Large Buddy heater in the garage all winter and it has been a real help.

And now we are, formally in Spring, so this review is all about 3 weeks. But what the hell — it is still a lot cold in several places and this is prime time for receiving the bicycle (s) prepped for warm-weather riding.

So perhaps it’s a perfect time for a review of a garage door…

Why Propane?

We have attempted a few electrical space heaters but could not find one that has been strong enough to do some good. Additionally, best black Friday deals 2018 leaves electrical situation from the garage leaves a great deal to be desired — both with respect to outlets and output.

With only a single wall socket, with a drill, light or heating together with the heater is not possible. And then fuse blowing is likely.

That led us into the Dynaglo kerosene”tower” heater which we have used for several decades. It puts out the warmth, using a 23,000 BTU rating.

Nonetheless, it’s smelly and it is becoming more and more tough to find decent excellent kerosene round here.

Then there is the wick. A kerosene heater employs a cloth wick, which has to be cleaned and replaced sometimes. Replacing the wick isn’t something that you wish to handle, consider me. It is a true PIA job.

Big Buddy Model MH18B

The version MH18B has become easily the most common Big Buddy layout. The business makes (or imports? ) ) A whole lot of propane radiant heaters, by the 81.99″Little Buddy” 3,200 BTU/hour version, which employs just one 1 pound. Disposable propane tank up into the MH18B.

They also make a lot of industrial-spec”Salamander” heaters — those who seem like a huge tube and which possess a big, noisy blower.

I am unsure what the distinction is but there have to be some constraints or layout changes for all those.

The MH18B ($151.99 record ) includes reduced, moderate and higher range controller, using a ranked 4,000, 9,000 and 18,000 BTU/hour score.

It is popular with cyclists, ice fisher-people as well as homeowners. Zillions of those things are sold and I figure, used successfully since I have not read of any episodes with their usage.

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