A study found that baby walkers have been associated in achieving normal locomotor milestones like walking, sitting, and crawling.

Another study by the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics found a similar Outcome. This study examined psychological and motor development in 109 babies, with and without between the ages of 6 and 15 weeks, walker expertise. Walker-experienced infants sat, crawled, and walked afterward than no-walker controllers, and they scored lower on Bayley scales of motor and mental development.

Baby companies market baby products like a Baby Walker, Baby Jumper, and the Bumbo Floor seat as being beneficial to baby. However, are they really?

According to the Baby Walker promotion ad, walkers”allow a child to research”, when in reality a child can research in a far safer and more beneficial way by crawling. Walkers encourage before a child is cognitive, physically, and neurologically ready to walk, walking.

A Jolly Jumper” allows the baby to enjoy healthy exercise. Infants build strength, coordination & balance safely & comfortably.” What the company neglects to tell you is that while at the jumper, the infant learns the wrong use of a swayback standing of the spine and calf muscles, core muscle activation that is incorrect, and the feet.

The Bumbo Floor seat” was designed to chair young infants who can not sit by themselves yet… The seat has many specialized design characteristics that support the babies posture allowing them to interact with their environment.” Babies who can’t sit up by themselves are not prepared physically to keep an erect posture. And who is to say while lying on his belly or back a baby can’t interact with their surroundings?

To let kids grow at their own pace

Will these toys cause a massive problem with moderate usage? Probably not. However, the discussion is one of letting your child thrive, not simply survive.

While it may seem like a chair, jumper, walker, or other apparatus helps baby progress to the upcoming developmental phase, these devices can slow the improvement. Infants are included while positioned in this gear and do not have the opportunity to explore their surroundings as infants are intended to.

Depriving the stimulation’s baby can slow neural development, cognitive, and motor. The body has a natural course of development and is smart — although not all children grow and will grow on precisely the same timeline.

Encourage floor drama on the stomach of the baby before the baby is a practical sitter, or back. Allow your baby to explore crawling before he is about to stand on his own. These milestones will happen and allowing your baby will ultimately give her start.

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