What kind of dog is a Russian bear dog? Must Read

The Russian Bear Dog also called the Caucasian Shepherd is a fearless and loyal dog that originates from Caucasia Mountains.

He’s got a masculine physique and is categorized among the Caucasian mountain dogs’ dog breeds. This dog has served as a guard dog since early times. He was courageous in protecting the sheep from wolves, bears and other predators while in the mountains.

The bear hunting dog is known for capability and his willingness to protect anyone he acknowledges as a family. His appearance and body may be impressive but not suitable for first-time owners.

The fact that he needs lots of training may need an expert who has experience in tackling breeds. In this guide, we’re going to examine the Caucasian Shepherd’s exciting facts and attributes.

Dogumentary | THE RUSSIAN BEAR DOG (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)

Main Highlights

  1. The bear puppy is categorized one of the Flock Guard, AKC working class.
  2. He is the largest of all the dog breed variants of the Caucasian shepherds in other countries.
  3. This dog breed is recognized by a variety of English-Speaking Kennel Clubs such as the American Canine Association Inc. (ACA), American Pet Registry Inc. (APRI), Continental Kennel Club (CKC),
  4. American Canine Registry (ACR), and National Kennel Club (NKC) among others.
  5. He served as a patrol dog in Germany along the Berlin wall in 1989 before spreading to a number of homes following the wall has been brought down.
  6. The Russian bear dog has a variety of names and may differ based on the nation or area in which they are located.
  7. He’s aggressive to other dogs and people he does not recognize as a household. He loves children and would protect them from any injury.
  8. They want excessive training and an owner with strong leadership abilities hence not preferable if
  9. you would like to own him for the first time.
  10. He’s a large dog breed plus has a great body which impresses anyone near making him an ideal selection for dog displays.
  11. The Caucasian Mountain Shepherd wants a great deal of space to play with, and he’s not meant for apartment life. Take him outside because he’s got a coat that will protect him.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Breed History

In which he guarded the flock of their local herders in the region, the Caucasian shepherd dog developed in the Caucasus Mountains. They originated in the pre-historic Molosser breeds, and their job was supposed to offer protection from thieves and predators.

This dog breed can change in different countries due to clubs that are coordinated and improperly written standards. Caucasia is situated between Caspian and Black seas and is known to be a home for sheep.

His appearance makes him adorable and would draw on attention to anyone around him. He is famous in Russia, and they named him”Ovcharka” which means”Sheepdog.” He arrived during the 1960s in East Germany.

The Caucasian Shepherd was prominent in the region along the Berlin wall, in which he acted as a border patrol dog. They had been dispersed through the destruction of the wall to a variety of houses in 1989. In other countries such as the Soviet Union, he attends most folks because of his physique and dog shows.

His first series ring was completed in Germany during the 1930s and has been in existence for centuries just like the Eastern Molossers. Lives have was difficult in Georgia, especially without the support of the Caucasian shepherd dog. The Caucasian Mountain Shepherd is one of those breeds that appears in the shows more often compared to race variants.

While they’ve been accommodated in different nations as companion animals and watchdogs in the Caucasus they still offer protection to the sheep of the local herders.

This dog breed is well known to have a variety of names. It might also be as a result of the various areas in which they are located. The names include Caucasian Ovcharka, Russian Caucasian, Circassian Sheep Dog, Russian Caucasian Ovcharka, and Russian Mountain Dog.

Some also call him Sage Ghafghazi, Georgian Nagazi, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Kars (Kafka), Armenian Khobun Dog, Caucasian Sheep Dog, Kavkaskaia-Balkar party and Russian bear hunting puppy. The list is quite long, and you might find different titles of the dog breed depending on the area he’s located.

Russian Bear Dog Weight and Height

The Caucasian Mountain Shepherd is a dog breed of a size that is bigger. The females are comparatively smaller compared to the bear dog that is males. The man has a height of 27 inches and a height ranging from 28 to 30 inches. The female dog breed has a minimum height of a height and 25 inches.

Russian Bear Dog’s Character

The bear puppy has a different character when compared to other variants. He’s got a number. He’s brave, assertive, brave, hardy, and dominant left. If his attention arouses, he is always restless.

You will always see him aggressive to strangers and anybody who tries to disturb the nature of the chemical. But he is entirely friendly to anyone he recognizes as a family. He is proven to be affectionate with kids and would be protective in situations where the play seems to be tough.

The Caucasian shepherd may be mad and that he isn’t always a pet for any individual. He requires training and socializing not suggested for first-time owners. One who can spend time with him is needed by the Caucasian Mountain Shepherd.

Therefore, he is acceptable for people or specialists who have experience in managing breeds. When you attain a pack pioneer status, the Russian Bear Dog shows you respect and would always follow your orders.

In scenarios, you will always see him and in other cases, he’s very likely to snack. Enough training and exercise is a necessity for enhancing his behavior. The minute you let him do anything at will, your pack leader standing is diminished, and you grow to be a subject to his demands.

The only way would be by also spending more time on the watch, always together and offering behavioral training.

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